Monday, November 26, 2012

How you say...trés cool?

Isn't it weird how some brands are so recognizable and iconic yet most of us actually have no idea how to pronounce them? Unless of course you run in the types of circles where "Hermés", "Breguet" and "Paulliac" are tossed around like chips, in which case you and your ascot need not read any further. (For the record, I dooo know how to pronounce Hermés but I have always wondered if that french soap company "L'Occitane" was pronounced with a soft 'c' like "Loss-i-tan" or a hard one as in "Lox-i-tan"...).

Well, wonder no further my sonically-challenged friends (myself included!) Yahoo! is here to help us all with the very cool pronunciation tool, BrandPro:

This neato app lets you search for tongue-defying brands within categories like Fashion, Beauty, Wine and Jewelry then hear the proper pronunciation.  Say goodbye to name butchery and sounding stupid among fancy people! Go forth and name drop with confidence.

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